Washington Onsite Sewage Assocation Conference

Well, Saturday ended our two day conference and training. It was well worth it, I continue to pick up new information every year.

We did have one homeowner show up for the conference. I am always amazed at homeowner turnout. 500+ septic engineers, designers, inspectors, pumpers, installers. And 1 homeowner.

His name was John, very friendly and really wanting to know how his septic system worked.

He had a traditional septic tank and drain-field. Most of the two days were probably overload for him. But he took it in stride and learned a lot.

I talked to him from time to time during the conference. The look on his face was priceless. Every time he stated, “I had no idea.”

However, he is now a very educated homeowner. He knows his septic system is down there now. He also knows the overall importance of him taking care of his system and the impact on the environment and his family’s health.

The first time I heard John speak, he was say over and over, his septic system is working great, but he had a question. Eventually this phrase was stated about 5 times, and I had asked, “John, how do you know your septic system is working great.” (Keep in mind this was his first day and first hour in the conference.) He replied, “Because my toilet is flushing fine, and no other problems.”

He now knows how funny this statement is. Although I do hear it often. This is not a sign of how full your septic system is. Or how healthy.

I am sending an email to a professor today. I want to get some hard numbers to share with everyone. I am sure you will find them educational. Or they may put you to sleep.

My attending this conference is a sign of my dedication to our environment. To my customers, and their septic systems. I am dedicated in learning all I can, to help you get the most use out of your septic systems, and saving you money in the process.

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