Update on Competitor wrote up system failure

Here is an update from the “competitor wrote up system failure.”  You can see in the picture that the water levels are at the appropriate levels in the septic tank.  The discharge line to the drainfield is on the left.  The water level is on the lower side of the outlet pipe.  This is the static level of this septic tank.  This is where it should always be.  It has not been functioning for over a week since the drainfield repair.  We went out about a week ago and made sure it was full of water and the drainfield was taking on effluent.  It has been taking on effluent ever since.

Update competitor wrote up septic failure 11-11-2011
Update competitor wrote up septic failure 11-11-2011

Now the old “top” of the septic tank was made out of wood.  This is not a water tight, nor an airtight seal.  Which is needed for septic systems to be septic.  We are placing the order on Monday for a new septic tank lid, with access holes precast into it above the compartments of the tank.  We will put risers in and easier access for future maintenance.


This homeowner has to be especially greatfull.  He was looking at about $13,000.00 for replacing the system.  I think he will be under $1,500.00 for the entire repair.  I will keep pictures coming.

November 24, 2011,

Heavy rains have stopped us from completing the repair at this time.  Keep checking in.  Remember, although our trackhoe has tracks on it, it does not float.  It will sink and get stuck.  If we need to, we’ll buy plywood to complete this repair sometime in the next two weeks.  With the record rainfall we’ve been having, we just have to hang on tight.  The replacement lid has been poured and cured, and is sitting here in the truckyard waiting installation.

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