Update Competitor wrote up system failure Final

This is the final update on our earleir mentioned competitor wrote up system failure.   This was our first time on site.

Here is the link for the second update for when we came back after our initial repairs.  Reason being.  The tank was missing a lid, but we didn’t want to put any money in that old septic tank, unless we knew the drainfield repairs were going to work.  They worked great, drainfield has been taking waste water and the septic tank is separating water from waste as designed.

Now for the final update on this site.  Drainfield was working well as described above.  But the old wooden top would never work.  Wood rots and people fall in.

old septic tank getting new top lid
Prepping old septic tank to install new lid.

In this first picture you can see the septic tank is in operating level.  That is that the water is at it’s designed operating stage.  You can see the newly cured lid with three precast holes in the back ground.  It was in excess of 800 lbs and took a pretty big excavator to get it into place.

There were large roots in this job, about the size of my arms.  This was what really slowed us down.

Prepping septic tank 2
Prepping septic tank 2

The next picture is another prepping of the old septic tank to a new lid.  That is the tenant overseeing the operation for the homeowner who lives out of state.  I always recommend the homeowner putting someone out there that they can trust.  We have nothing to hide, but I hate it when something comes up and the homeowner isn’t there to see with their own eyes.  What we do here isn’t too much rocket science, and I don’t want anyone thinking that we make this stuff up.  I’d rather have someone there to see with their own eyes.

Placing the new septic tank lid on the old septic tank
Placing the new septic tank lid on the old septic tank

In the next picture the excavator is placing the new lid on the old tank.  This is the last time that this septic tank will see the light of day for a long time.  Hopefully a very long time.




final product.  Repairs on septic system complete.
final product. Repairs on septic system complete.

And in this very last image, is the final product.  We put access risers on the septic tank lid to the surface.  Now this homeowner will have instant access to their septic tanks with an allen head wrench.  These lids are water tight and air tight.   Now it was really wet at the time we made this repair, so the dirt is so lumpy and muddy mess.  But we made it look the best we could.  Also the white stuff is the ag lime we placed down to neutralize the bacteria that escaped during the repairs.

When this homeowner was caught off-gaurd with their system failure report from my competitor he was looking at nearly $17,000.00 to put in a new septic system.  He lives in an area where the ground has a difficult time accepting ground water.  These systems get very expensive.  His total repairs with us was under $2,200.00 including the sales tax.

Now that’s a great deal.


So, please. I cannot stress this enough.  People usually assume that all septic service is the same, that the only difference is the price.  Please understand that we run an honest company.   People in our area have told our customers.  If First Call Septic cannot fix the system, it cannot be fixed.  In most cases it can be.  This is one of them.


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