Customer Testimonial on Facebook

Facebook First Call Septic Service  Have a look at our facebook page.  Please click like if you like what you see.  One of our customer’s posted a testimonial on the page. They were responding to a blog post that I put on there about their own home.  They were in a very bad situation about… Continue reading Customer Testimonial on Facebook

Able to revive a believed septic system failure

Yesterday, Christopher Gross and I spent 6 hours on one job. Yikes. Now the good news. My competitor wrote it up as a complete system failure. BTW, my competitor installs septic systems. Slight conflict of interest. I was called for a second opinion. Now the system was busted up, hence 6 hour repair. 1 hour was me… Continue reading Able to revive a believed septic system failure

Sewage backing up out of the drainfield

Here is a couple of pictures of sewage backing up out of the drainfield.  It is full of bacteria and pathogens. That is what is making that black tar color.  This has been going on for some time.  It kinda dries up in the summer but it’s still smelly and gross.  And is contaminating surface… Continue reading Sewage backing up out of the drainfield

Sunday emergency in Camas

Today I was planning on posting the pictures I have gathered from a system that was completely clogged up full of roots.  But I received an emergency call in Camas, WA last night at about midnight.  Customer’s backing up takes pri0rity to pictures.  I am going to get this out of the way and post… Continue reading Sunday emergency in Camas

Septic System under house

Today is going to be a bit of a logistical nightmare. I get to jet out and vacuum out a drainfield. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How hard can that be? Well, it’s under a house. This is going to be tight, and the first time it’s ever been attempted. I will try to… Continue reading Septic System under house

Homeowner falls in septic tank

I received a call yesterday from a shaken homeowner.   He was walking across his driveway and a hole opened up beneath him, and he went straight down.  He knew right away that he was not swimming in water.  Now this is where it get crazy.  And until you go inside a septic tank, you’ll… Continue reading Homeowner falls in septic tank