Busy two weeks

It’s been a busy two weeks.  I have photos and stories to share.  I will try to get them on this weekend. I can’t believe how busy it’s been.  Considering it’s spring break and all.  Got a great workout yesterday, a homeowner has a septic tank that was 3.5 feet down.  Took an hour and… Continue reading Busy two weeks

Kitchen Grease in Septic Tank

Here’s what happens when grease is added to the septic tank.  The PH drops and all septic tank bacteria dies, and this happens.  Let me tell you that this is never ever supposed to look like this.  The damage done to this sytem is really expensive. No grease down the septic tank ever.  Or this… Continue reading Kitchen Grease in Septic Tank

Septic tank cleaning

Below are two video’s of a septic tank that went 25 years before septic pumping maintenance.  When a tank is completely full of solids, and that’s about 200 cubic feet of NOT mud, it’s extremely difficult to remove.  And expensive.  A septic pumping should take about 20 minutes. A neglected system, such as this one,… Continue reading Septic tank cleaning

Septic Tank leak repair

Here I am inside a septic tank. I know, good times.  However, this homeowner was quoted $4,000.00 to replace a septic tank.  He was never given the option to repair the septic tank.  Now it’s easier and less messy to have it replaced.  But a homeowner needs to know all of his options.  He was… Continue reading Septic Tank leak repair

2012 Septic Pumping and Inspection Price Decrease

Great news.  Clark County Health Department has dropped a couple of fees that we have had to pass on to our customers.  First is the tipping fees.  This may sound funny, but they used to charge us a “tip fee” for every tank we pumped.  That has now dropped. The second fee was the Filing… Continue reading 2012 Septic Pumping and Inspection Price Decrease

Poor Septic Riser Installation

Here is an example of a very poor riser installation.  Now this homeowner saved about 100 bucks when he put his riser installation out to bid.  Without asking why this bid was about 100 bucks cheaper he simply assumed all septic work is the same, and only the price is the difference. Leaking septic tank… Continue reading Poor Septic Riser Installation

Septic Riser upgrade installation

Here is a series of pictures.  Beginning to end of a riser installation.  If you ask, “what is a riser.” Let me explain and then the pictures will show you.  First.  Septic tanks are placed under ground, and access lids are cut into them. For an inspection or pumping service, the lids must be located,… Continue reading Septic Riser upgrade installation

Update Competitor wrote up system failure Final

This is the final update on our earleir mentioned competitor wrote up system failure.   This was our first time on site. Here is the link for the second update for when we came back after our initial repairs.  Reason being.  The tank was missing a lid, but we didn’t want to put any money… Continue reading Update Competitor wrote up system failure Final

Septic Approved Toilet Paper Scam

3 Face prison time Florida based Septic Tank Company. In short.  Septic Service Company in Florida scams people into buying their “septic approved” toilet paper.  They sold one customer enough toilet paper to last him 70 years.  You have to watch for this everywhere.  You cannot believe the ads the come to my house, wanting… Continue reading Septic Approved Toilet Paper Scam

Thanksgiving November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Friends, Yesterday we had three emergencies and one today.  Pretty good.  But one to note was yesterday, we had someone who poured all their cooking grease down the kitchen sink.  I feel so bad for someone when that happens.  See the homeowner didn’t pour the grease down.  They have never done that in… Continue reading Thanksgiving November 24, 2011

Competitor pumped this tank many times? Picture says a thousand words.

Here is a picture of a house, clean out pipe, and a small garden shed.  This homeowner used our competitor to pump this tank for over 15 years.  It was pumped out 4 times.  He has receipts for it.  Now the homeowner wants to sell the house and needs me to certify the septic system.… Continue reading Competitor pumped this tank many times? Picture says a thousand words.

Competitor’s Riser Job

A septic owner called us to see if there was anything we could do to fix this riser installation our competitor performed.   This owner was tired of having the riser stick up out of the deck, and was tripping over it.  The other two risers were all tilted and not vertical.  I just had… Continue reading Competitor’s Riser Job