Septic Tank Additives

Sometime last week we experienced an emergency call about a septic system only being 3 years old and needing pumped already.  They have used Rid-X septic tank additives religiously over the past three years. And they thought they didn’t have to pump the septic tank if they used their product. Here is the cut and… Continue reading Septic Tank Additives

Septic Tank Additives

This is  a great video. Now I did start recording a bit late.  But here’s how the story goes.  This is a home with two people living inside.  This tank is only 3 years old.  They use a commonly known septic tank additive every month.  They have been using it religiously. So they started backing… Continue reading Septic Tank Additives


httpv:// Here is a video of a clogged inlet baffle.  There are two reasons why this house backed up into the house.  The inlet pipe, abs plastic, was installed too far into the tank, and too close the concrete baffle.  And the second is excessive toilet paper use. Really exciting stuff.   Thanks for reading,… Continue reading Untitled

Leaking Septic Tanks

We found another leaking septic tank.  This septic tank was homemade with cinder blocks.  This homeowner had never had it back up into the house, so assumed everything was okay.  During a routine inspection we had to tell them the tank has never worked like a tank and needed replaced.  The sewage was leaking out… Continue reading Leaking Septic Tanks

Septic Vacuum truck is back online

I forgot to post the repair is complete.  It was just an o-ring.  Thank god. Thanks for reading,   Ronnie

World Famous Nick’s Tavern Amboy, Wa

My favorite tavern, in the world, Nicks was backing up yesterday. I was called at 6:30 am. I arrived about 10:00 am. I had another emergency I was working on at the time. The tanks were backed up. I had just pumped it out three months prior. What gives? I used my inspection mirror and… Continue reading World Famous Nick’s Tavern Amboy, Wa

Happy Memorial Day 2012

Happy Memorial Day. I have been knocking this idea around for a few days. I want to show my appreciation for those who serve. But didn’t want to do one of those cheesy Memorial Day Specials. I really want to make a difference in a Senior Veteran’s life. My way of saying thanks for their,… Continue reading Happy Memorial Day 2012

Warning signs septic tank needs cleaned or pumped

Good morning. This week I have a great project. I will try to document and take all kinds of pictures. It is a septic system that has just started to back up. It’s in the plumbing of the house, but hasn’t backed up into the showers yet. For those of you who don’t have “alarms”… Continue reading Warning signs septic tank needs cleaned or pumped

Septic Tank not serviced correctly in 20 years by competitor

httpv:// The above video is from a customer that was referred to start using First Call Septic Services.  I am sure that she thought all septic service is the same, and the only difference must be price.  She couldn’t be further from the truth. She had one riser installed from my competitor for ease of… Continue reading Septic Tank not serviced correctly in 20 years by competitor

Dog rescued from a sinkhole caused by an old cesspool, cistern

Dog rescued from a sinkhole caused by an old septic tank, cesspool, or cistern.   Here is just another example of getting these aging systems checked out from time-to-time.  And this was done by the weight of a dog.  It’s not even worth thinking about if the grandkids came over for a visit. Thank God… Continue reading Dog rescued from a sinkhole caused by an old cesspool, cistern

Homeowner falls in septic tank

I received a call yesterday from a shaken homeowner.   He was walking across his driveway and a hole opened up beneath him, and he went straight down.  He knew right away that he was not swimming in water.  Now this is where it get crazy.  And until you go inside a septic tank, you’ll… Continue reading Homeowner falls in septic tank

Septic Tank Enzymes

Done paying taxes, time to head out the door. Fun filled day. I guess a septic tank is blowing up in Yacolt. He started to back up in the house. So he took the lid off the septic tank, and sewage is “mushrooming” out of the septic tank and blowing up all over the grass.… Continue reading Septic Tank Enzymes