Septic Tank Decommission

Most people think that all septic contractors are the same. That our only difference is the price. And this cannot be further from the truth. Competitor who is much cheaper decommissioned this septic tank and hooked up this house to city sewer. Reason for this was the client wanted to build an addition over his… Continue reading Septic Tank Decommission

Washing Paint brushes into Septic Tank

Don’t have contractors or anyone wash their paint brushes down the drain during a remodel.

Tree Roots in Septic Tank Removal

Hello there septic system owners.  This blog post is about trees and what they do to your septic system.  But in this case it’s just the septic tank that stopped working.  They can do all sorts of damage. This client has been warned for many years.  10 years ago roots had started infiltrating the seams… Continue reading Tree Roots in Septic Tank Removal

how septic systems work

Watch this video for a basic understanding how simple septic systems work. This applies to all Gravity Septic systems. The more you know     Thanks for watching,   Ronnie

Septic System Inspection Video

Here is an example of what a video of a septic inspection for a real estate transaction where a video is required.  This buyer called us to inspect this system and didn’t know where the components were, and this house was Bank Owned. This inspection cost this buyer $135.00, “Cowlitz County” rate.  No additional… Continue reading Septic System Inspection Video

Nu-Water Aerobic Treatment Plant

The video attached is a video of a Nu Water Aerobic Treatment Plant by Enviro-flo. The reason we need to have this level of treatment was for the stream and high ground water in this area.  We need to protect our surface and ground water from contamination.  The neighbors well is pretty close as well,… Continue reading Nu-Water Aerobic Treatment Plant

Septic tank backed up due to a clogged filter

Here is a friendly tip if you’re backed up in an emergency.  This home has a 2 compartment septic tank and an outlet filter that screens the effluent going to the drainfield.  This filter should be cleaned annually.  There is diaper wipes in this tank, so we pumped it out the same day. In the… Continue reading Septic tank backed up due to a clogged filter

Septic Tank Baffle Inspection

This is a Septic Tank Baffle Inspection:  Does not include the rest of the sludge and scum measurements or anything like that.  I was working alone today, and saw that this was a great opportunity to video this part. These are the baffles that are located within a septic tank. These happen to be made… Continue reading Septic Tank Baffle Inspection

Removing a clog from Septic tank inlet baffle

Below is a video of a clogged inlet baffle.  This homeowner called us out for a pumping and thought his septic tank needed cleaned.  It did need cleaned, but for other reasons.  The tank was backed up due to a clogged inlet baffle.  And this advice could save you money in a case of a… Continue reading Removing a clog from Septic tank inlet baffle

Septic tank under deck access hatch

All to often we see a septic tank in the back yard.  And the homeowner would like to add a deck.  A large deck that extends over the septic tank. That does create a huge problem for the septic contractor.  We need access.  Not just a few boards removed.  If we can only remove a… Continue reading Septic tank under deck access hatch

Interesting business plan from competitor

This goes under the heading of: “I can’t make this stuff up” This story is unbelievable. Client purchases a home.  There is a deficiency marked on their septic system from competitor.  “Outlet Baffle is broken” Client calls my competitor who wrote up the deficiency and asks them to repair it. Competitor tells homeowner that they… Continue reading Interesting business plan from competitor

Don’t fall for Septic Tank Additive Scams

What a Scam. Don’t fall for these magic chemical additives. These are the type of emails I receive daily to “Make extra money per job/visit”. I will never fall for these, nor will I ever be broke enough to scam homeowners. I received this email today. From: ——– Subj: Make $91.20 extra on each… Continue reading Don’t fall for Septic Tank Additive Scams