Competitor pumped this tank many times? Picture says a thousand words.

Here is a picture of a house, clean out pipe, and a small garden shed.  This homeowner used our competitor to pump this tank for over 15 years.  It was pumped out 4 times.  He has receipts for it.  Now the homeowner wants to sell the house and needs me to certify the septic system.… Continue reading Competitor pumped this tank many times? Picture says a thousand words.

Competitor wrote this system up as a septic system failure

We were called out for a second opinion on this property just last saturday.  You will never believe what had happened.  There was smelly water and soggy ground in the backyard.  Our competitor charges $85.00 for a service call.  We charge $125.00 Again, one would think that all septic companies are the same, and the… Continue reading Competitor wrote this system up as a septic system failure

Competitor’s Riser Job

A septic owner called us to see if there was anything we could do to fix this riser installation our competitor performed.   This owner was tired of having the riser stick up out of the deck, and was tripping over it.  The other two risers were all tilted and not vertical.  I just had… Continue reading Competitor’s Riser Job

Happy Memorial Day

The restrooms are ready at the ape caves. The building next to my truck says Ape Headquarters.  It was a nice drive up Mt. St. Helens. Supposed to be partly cloudy today. Don’t forget flashlights and sweaters and jackets. Have a great and safe holiday, Thanks for reading. Ronnie

Septic tank size

Coming soon will be a new page about how to check the size of a septic tank. I get this question a lot and its time I address it. Usually the question is “how do I know how many gallons my septic tank has in it. Or holds?”  Coming soon And thanks for reading Ronnie

Holiday Blues:

Good Day everyone. Now I am sure you are thinking, how can he title his blog title Holiday Blues? Is he having a bad holiday? Answer to both questions are no. I had a great holiday, and I truly hope yours was just as well. The answer to the questions is quite simply. Holiday Decorations.… Continue reading Holiday Blues:

The Rains have returned

Finding rainwater infiltration in septic tanks through Dissolved Oxygen Measurements.

Septics and Diaper Wipes

Diaper wipes in septic tank cause septic pumping nightmare.

Septic Tank Additives

I recently got a comment in my blog on septic tank additives.  I am unsure if this is a legitimate post or if it’s spam.  But everyone should read this below. As of today 6/12/2010 I have found no literature, or university studies that can prove claims of septic tank additives working.  Plus the ones… Continue reading Septic Tank Additives

Broken Outlet Baffle

Septic tank outlet baffle repaired.