Grease down drains on Septic

Just a friendly reminder to never put grease down your drains. Especially if you’re on septic. Believe me, there’s not enough water in your hot water heater to melt this grease. Not that you would want to anyways, the next step from here is the drainfield. Imagine what grease would do to dirt. Save your… Continue reading Grease down drains on Septic

What does it cost to pump a septic tank

Customer uses First Call Septic because our rates are clearly posted.  Visit the Rates Page for more details. Yesterday I received, what I call, “Tire Kicker Call”. You may wonder what that is. Person calls in checking prices, but has a million other questions about price. This usually happens when a customer has been burned… Continue reading What does it cost to pump a septic tank

Septic Vacuum truck is back online

I forgot to post the repair is complete.  It was just an o-ring.  Thank god. Thanks for reading,   Ronnie

Latest customer testimonial via website: Memorial Day 2012

Dear Ronnie,   You were awsome today. Your willingness to respond on a holiday weekend was a life saver. We really appreciate your patience, politeness and understanding. The fact that you took the time to explain in detail to multiple people the workings of septic systems was cool. Your knowledge of not only your job… Continue reading Latest customer testimonial via website: Memorial Day 2012

Happy Memorial Day 2012

Happy Memorial Day. I have been knocking this idea around for a few days. I want to show my appreciation for those who serve. But didn’t want to do one of those cheesy Memorial Day Specials. I really want to make a difference in a Senior Veteran’s life. My way of saying thanks for their,… Continue reading Happy Memorial Day 2012

Busy two weeks

It’s been a busy two weeks.  I have photos and stories to share.  I will try to get them on this weekend. I can’t believe how busy it’s been.  Considering it’s spring break and all.  Got a great workout yesterday, a homeowner has a septic tank that was 3.5 feet down.  Took an hour and… Continue reading Busy two weeks

Stinking Snow

Well, Snow destroyed the schedule again.  I had to reschedule my first job till Monday.  Thank goodness I have caring and understanding customer’s who have, or have had, kids.  Because Battle Ground Schools are running 2.5 hours late, preschool’s been cancelled.  My rescheduled customer today told me she totally understands. She was there too, and… Continue reading Stinking Snow

Septic tank cleaning

Below are two video’s of a septic tank that went 25 years before septic pumping maintenance.  When a tank is completely full of solids, and that’s about 200 cubic feet of NOT mud, it’s extremely difficult to remove.  And expensive.  A septic pumping should take about 20 minutes. A neglected system, such as this one,… Continue reading Septic tank cleaning

Happy Memorial Day

The restrooms are ready at the ape caves. The building next to my truck says Ape Headquarters.  It was a nice drive up Mt. St. Helens. Supposed to be partly cloudy today. Don’t forget flashlights and sweaters and jackets. Have a great and safe holiday, Thanks for reading. Ronnie