Septic alarm and what it means

This is a working model of a basic septic systems pump and alarm for a pressure drainfield, sand filter, or sand mound.  Geogrpahically, these two yellow float switches are located in the tanks with the wastewater.  The light signifies the pump.  When I raise the lower float switch, you must imagine my hand as wastewater.… Continue reading Septic alarm and what it means

Septic Tank Additives

Sometime last week we experienced an emergency call about a septic system only being 3 years old and needing pumped already.  They have used Rid-X septic tank additives religiously over the past three years. And they thought they didn’t have to pump the septic tank if they used their product. Here is the cut and… Continue reading Septic Tank Additives

Neglected Septic Pump Screens

Here is a video of what happens when these screens are not cleaned annually.  And there is no “septic technician” in a bottle.  There’s no magical chemical that you flush that can clean this screen.  It needs to be completely disassembled and cleaned.  There’s no other way around it. The consequences of not performing this maintenance, will… Continue reading Neglected Septic Pump Screens

Warning signs septic tank needs cleaned or pumped

Good morning. This week I have a great project. I will try to document and take all kinds of pictures. It is a septic system that has just started to back up. It’s in the plumbing of the house, but hasn’t backed up into the showers yet. For those of you who don’t have “alarms”… Continue reading Warning signs septic tank needs cleaned or pumped

Septic Tank Enzymes

Done paying taxes, time to head out the door. Fun filled day. I guess a septic tank is blowing up in Yacolt. He started to back up in the house. So he took the lid off the septic tank, and sewage is “mushrooming” out of the septic tank and blowing up all over the grass.… Continue reading Septic Tank Enzymes

Servicing septic tank too rarely

This blog post is about the frequency of septic service.  Now this doesnt mean just pumping services.  This means annual maintenance for those of you that have pumps involved. Just a little background on septic tanks.  They have many functions, but the most important, and obvious is to separate liquids from solids.  Now this applies… Continue reading Servicing septic tank too rarely

Holiday Blues:

Good Day everyone. Now I am sure you are thinking, how can he title his blog title Holiday Blues? Is he having a bad holiday? Answer to both questions are no. I had a great holiday, and I truly hope yours was just as well. The answer to the questions is quite simply. Holiday Decorations.… Continue reading Holiday Blues: