Busy two weeks

It’s been a busy two weeks.  I have photos and stories to share.  I will try to get them on this weekend. I can’t believe how busy it’s been.  Considering it’s spring break and all.  Got a great workout yesterday, a homeowner has a septic tank that was 3.5 feet down.  Took an hour and… Continue reading Busy two weeks

Kitchen Grease in Septic Tank

Here’s what happens when grease is added to the septic tank.  The PH drops and all septic tank bacteria dies, and this happens.  Let me tell you that this is never ever supposed to look like this.  The damage done to this sytem is really expensive. No grease down the septic tank ever.  Or this… Continue reading Kitchen Grease in Septic Tank

Muffin Monster Sewage Garbage Separator

Here is a video with Mike Rowe with Dirty Jobs.  He is showing the latest and greatest tool added to our wastewater treatment plants.  Reason, people are flushing garbage into their septic tanks.  I know what you are thinking, “who would throw garbage down their toilet?”  I know, right?  But its a problem that destroys… Continue reading Muffin Monster Sewage Garbage Separator

Stinking Snow

Well, Snow destroyed the schedule again.  I had to reschedule my first job till Monday.  Thank goodness I have caring and understanding customer’s who have, or have had, kids.  Because Battle Ground Schools are running 2.5 hours late, preschool’s been cancelled.  My rescheduled customer today told me she totally understands. She was there too, and… Continue reading Stinking Snow

First Call Septic on TV

Here is a lost segment when First Call Septic was on TV with Channel 12’s reporter, David Schmitke    

Septic tank cleaning

Below are two video’s of a septic tank that went 25 years before septic pumping maintenance.  When a tank is completely full of solids, and that’s about 200 cubic feet of NOT mud, it’s extremely difficult to remove.  And expensive.  A septic pumping should take about 20 minutes. A neglected system, such as this one,… Continue reading Septic tank cleaning

Ground Water Intrusion causes massive damage when septic alarm is ignored

Here is a video of another, “less expensive” riser installation on a septic system.  This homeowner simply took the lowest bid without asking questions.  And honestly, thought, “We are putting a collar on a septic tank.”  How hard can it be.  So he took the lowest bidder not realizing we have to be concerned about… Continue reading Ground Water Intrusion causes massive damage when septic alarm is ignored

Septic tank not cleaned often enough

Here we are.  Septic system is backing up.  Tank had not been pumped in over 25 years.  Never had a problem.  Toilets always were flushing.  Now this is a very common misconception.  Just because the toilet is flushing it doesn’t mean that the septic system is functioning or needing pumped.  Don’t run it till it… Continue reading Septic tank not cleaned often enough

Septic Tank leak repair

Here I am inside a septic tank. I know, good times.  However, this homeowner was quoted $4,000.00 to replace a septic tank.  He was never given the option to repair the septic tank.  Now it’s easier and less messy to have it replaced.  But a homeowner needs to know all of his options.  He was… Continue reading Septic Tank leak repair

Made in America Parts Only

I cannot stress this enough.  It’s always amazing to me that someone will complain about our economy, and then send their hard earned money overseas.   There are so many people here out of work, and are willing to work.  And yes, buying American Made parts and supplies is more expensive.  First Call Septic has… Continue reading Made in America Parts Only

2012 Septic Pumping and Inspection Price Decrease

Great news.  Clark County Health Department has dropped a couple of fees that we have had to pass on to our customers.  First is the tipping fees.  This may sound funny, but they used to charge us a “tip fee” for every tank we pumped.  That has now dropped. The second fee was the Filing… Continue reading 2012 Septic Pumping and Inspection Price Decrease

Answer to anonymous question

Someone just asked me a question via my email engine in the upper right hand corner of my website.  Please remember that your email is optional, I truly understand why you wouldn’t want to give it out.  But remember, if you send me a question with no way to respond, I have to put it… Continue reading Answer to anonymous question