how septic systems work

Watch this video for a basic understanding how simple septic systems work. This applies to all Gravity Septic systems. The more you know     Thanks for watching,   Ronnie

Removing a clog from Septic tank inlet baffle

Below is a video of a clogged inlet baffle.  This homeowner called us out for a pumping and thought his septic tank needed cleaned.  It did need cleaned, but for other reasons.  The tank was backed up due to a clogged inlet baffle.  And this advice could save you money in a case of a… Continue reading Removing a clog from Septic tank inlet baffle

Septic tank size

Coming soon will be a new page about how to check the size of a septic tank. I get this question a lot and its time I address it. Usually the question is “how do I know how many gallons my septic tank has in it. Or holds?”  Coming soon And thanks for reading Ronnie