Septic Tank Decommission

Most people think that all septic contractors are the same. That our only difference is the price. And this cannot be further from the truth. Competitor who is much cheaper decommissioned this septic tank and hooked up this house to city sewer. Reason for this was the client wanted to build an addition over his… Continue reading Septic Tank Decommission

Septic tank backed up due to a clogged filter

Here is a friendly tip if you’re backed up in an emergency.  This home has a 2 compartment septic tank and an outlet filter that screens the effluent going to the drainfield.  This filter should be cleaned annually.  There is diaper wipes in this tank, so we pumped it out the same day. In the… Continue reading Septic tank backed up due to a clogged filter

Septic system under house

Today, I get to climb under a house. The entire septic system is under that house. The area for me to work is in the crawl space. system is failed. Sewage is backing up, in the dirt, and is about 1/2 inch thick. I have to hand-over-hand it down there and clean it up. Repair… Continue reading Septic system under house