Grease down drains on Septic

Just a friendly reminder to never put grease down your drains. Especially if you’re on septic. Believe me, there’s not enough water in your hot water heater to melt this grease. Not that you would want to anyways, the next step from here is the drainfield. Imagine what grease would do to dirt. Save your… Continue reading Grease down drains on Septic

Kitchen Grease in Septic Tank

Here’s what happens when grease is added to the septic tank.  The PH drops and all septic tank bacteria dies, and this happens.  Let me tell you that this is never ever supposed to look like this.  The damage done to this sytem is really expensive. No grease down the septic tank ever.  Or this… Continue reading Kitchen Grease in Septic Tank

Thanksgiving November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Friends, Yesterday we had three emergencies and one today.  Pretty good.  But one to note was yesterday, we had someone who poured all their cooking grease down the kitchen sink.  I feel so bad for someone when that happens.  See the homeowner didn’t pour the grease down.  They have never done that in… Continue reading Thanksgiving November 24, 2011