Don’t fall for Septic Tank Additive Scams

What a Scam. Don’t fall for these magic chemical additives. These are the type of emails I receive daily to “Make extra money per job/visit”. I will never fall for these, nor will I ever be broke enough to scam homeowners. I received this email today. From: ——– Subj: Make $91.20 extra on each… Continue reading Don’t fall for Septic Tank Additive Scams

Septic Tank Enzymes

Done paying taxes, time to head out the door. Fun filled day. I guess a septic tank is blowing up in Yacolt. He started to back up in the house. So he took the lid off the septic tank, and sewage is “mushrooming” out of the septic tank and blowing up all over the grass.… Continue reading Septic Tank Enzymes