Service Call Fee for Septic Bids

Here’s another story for the “I cannot make this stuff up file.”   Let’s talk fees for a second. Our “Service Call Fee” is $125.00. That fee get’s our truck on site and starts working for emergencies. But then we go by the hour plus parts until we are done.   There are other guys… Continue reading Service Call Fee for Septic Bids

Septic alarm and what it means

This is a working model of a basic septic systems pump and alarm for a pressure drainfield, sand filter, or sand mound.  Geogrpahically, these two yellow float switches are located in the tanks with the wastewater.  The light signifies the pump.  When I raise the lower float switch, you must imagine my hand as wastewater.… Continue reading Septic alarm and what it means

High Water Alarm

Last night I was with my friends at Rusty Grape Winery. I received an emergency call from a homeowner. Obviously since I had a drink, I could not respond to the emergency of my customer. The emergency was her “Septic High Water Alarm” started sounding off. Now, what does that mean? Simply, it means the… Continue reading High Water Alarm

Sunday emergency in Camas

Today I was planning on posting the pictures I have gathered from a system that was completely clogged up full of roots.  But I received an emergency call in Camas, WA last night at about midnight.  Customer’s backing up takes pri0rity to pictures.  I am going to get this out of the way and post… Continue reading Sunday emergency in Camas

Holiday Blues:

Good Day everyone. Now I am sure you are thinking, how can he title his blog title Holiday Blues? Is he having a bad holiday? Answer to both questions are no. I had a great holiday, and I truly hope yours was just as well. The answer to the questions is quite simply. Holiday Decorations.… Continue reading Holiday Blues: