Don’t fall for Septic Tank Additive Scams

What a Scam. Don’t fall for these magic chemical additives. These are the type of emails I receive daily to “Make extra money per job/visit”. I will never fall for these, nor will I ever be broke enough to scam homeowners. I received this email today. From: ——– Subj: Make $91.20 extra on each… Continue reading Don’t fall for Septic Tank Additive Scams

Septic Tank Additives

This is  a great video. Now I did start recording a bit late.  But here’s how the story goes.  This is a home with two people living inside.  This tank is only 3 years old.  They use a commonly known septic tank additive every month.  They have been using it religiously. So they started backing… Continue reading Septic Tank Additives