Sewage Geyser Bad day for Septic Guy

Okay. Yesterday went great. Worked my tail off without a hitch. Started off the day in Skamania County, in the stevenson area. Then went to Clark County, La Center. After that to Cowlitz County in Kalama. After that back down to Clark County in Yacolt. Everything seemed to be going great. And then it happened.

I was disconnecting a sewage pump. Missed the correct sequence of valves, unions, and couplers. As soon as I disconnected the plumbing, a 10 foot sewage geyser had been initiated. With me in the middle. I jumped out of the waste stream. I then realized I had to get back into the waste stream and shut the pumps down before I blew a 1000 dollar pump. Back into the waste stream and shut it down. Yes, that is a bad day for a septic guy. In case you are wondering. So let my lesson work for everyone who reads this. UNPLUG THE PUMP BEFORE DISCONNECTING THE PLUMBING. I knew better. 8 years of doing this, it was bound to happen.

I hope you get a good laugh from this.  My customer sure tried not to.  They were so super cool about it.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say about that.  Let’s not let that happen today.

Thanks for reading,


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