Septic Tank not serviced correctly in 20 years by competitor


The above video is from a customer that was referred to start using First Call Septic Services.  I am sure that she thought all septic service is the same, and the only difference must be price.  She couldn’t be further from the truth. She had one riser installed from my competitor for ease of access.  They have been servicing this tank for over 20 years.

2 compartment septic tank
2 compartment septic tank

She called us.  When I came out to pump the tank, I saw a “compartment wall” from the first hole.  I knew that there had to be a second lid and second compartment.  That is what we are trained to know.  I dug up this lid, free of charge, and pumped out the second compartment.  It had never been pumped and was completely full of sludge.

But the story gets worse. Now the competitor knew what size of septic tank this was.  We are all trained.  It was a 1250 gallon septic tank.  But I need to educate you about how the wall works.  It divides the septic tank into 2/3’s first compartment and 1/3 second compartment.   So needless to say, the first compartment holds about 830 gallons and the Second compartment holds about 417 gallons.

Now the competitor had charged her for the full 125o gallons of emptying that septic tank.  But let me work this out for you.  This is why a cheaper competitor is actually more expensive.  So the bill for 1250 gallons works like this.  1250 gallons at .38 cents per gallon is $475.00.  Now not all that money is my money.  I have to pay for discharge fees.  Which is currently at .235 per gallon.  So it will cost me $293.75 to discharge this waste leaving $181.25 for the company to pay wages, fuel, insurance, and wear and tear.  Remember it costs about $60 in fuel per tank we pump.

Now let’s work the numbers the way a crooked septic guy would make.  Now we know that he didn’t pump all 1250 gallons.  He only pumped out 830 gallons.  So this is his discharge bill.  $195.05.  So he charged her for the full 1250 gallons so now his profit is $279.95.  He get’s to make another $100 in profit for taking advantage of a homeowner’s lack-of-knowledge on how this all works.

And on top of that, he put her septic system in jeopardy, and allowed the sludge levels to reach a level that can contaminate the drainfield.  And if it does contaminate the drainfield, then he’d put in a new drainfield.  Making even more money on his crooked business practice.

This is why First Call Septic has not gone forward in going into the septic install business.  It’s too much of a conflict of interest.  It is our goal to get you the most out of your septic system as possible.

I really hope this makes sense.  If not, send me an email.


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