Septic Tank Enzymes

Done paying taxes, time to head out the door. Fun filled day.

I guess a septic tank is blowing up in Yacolt. He started to back up in the house. So he took the lid off the septic tank, and sewage is “mushrooming” out of the septic tank and blowing up all over the grass.

But they use enzymes, they should never have a problem. I told the homeowner to turn the bottle of enzymes over. He read the small print, “Along with regular pumping maintenance every 2-3 years.” Oh, hasn’t pumped it in over 20. I know what this drainfield will look like.
Now what’s really funny, is he doesn’t want me to bring the semi up just yet. He wants me to bring the inspection car. He thinks it’s going to be something simple. I hope it’s not raining. I want to take a lot of pictures of this one.

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