Septic system under house

Today, I get to climb under a house. The entire septic system is under that house. The area for me to work is in the crawl space. system is failed. Sewage is backing up, in the dirt, and is about 1/2 inch thick. I have to hand-over-hand it down there and clean it up. Repair of this system is impossible. I’m not even sure how to decommission this tank correctly. We just can’t simply move the house. The drainfield is under the house as well.

So please. Heed this warning. *Do not build a house on top of your septic system. It makes for repairs/service nearly impossible and very expensive. So today, I get to lay in sewage to clean it up. And the sewage is not the bad part. It’s all the bugs that moved in. Septic flies and black widow spiders are everywhere.

Good times.


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