Septic Approved Toilet Paper Scam

3 Face prison time Florida based Septic Tank Company.

In short.  Septic Service Company in Florida scams people into buying their “septic approved” toilet paper.  They sold one customer enough toilet paper to last him 70 years.  You have to watch for this everywhere.  You cannot believe the ads the come to my house, wanting me to, “increase profits,” on a per job basis.  By up selling this garbage.   I get from highly known septic treatment companies, that if I sell their product, studies have shown, customer’s will pump their tanks more often.  The want me to up sell their special, “BUGS” to go into the septic tank, and pump it more often.

With that being said, keep this in mind.  We are not the least expensive septic company out there.  But I know what it takes to run a company, and what our rates must be.  Before I apologize for our rates, I won’t apologize for trying to up sell our good customer’s this garbage.  Now, we are also not talking a difference in 100’s or thousands in difference here between companies.  We are talking 20 to 30 bucks difference.  That’s what it takes to run a septic service company in Clark, Skamania, and Cowlitz Counties.

Sorry about getting on my soap box this morning, but I thought this was a great article to post.


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