Removing a clog from Septic tank inlet baffle

Below is a video of a clogged inlet baffle.  This homeowner called us out for a pumping and thought his septic tank needed cleaned.  It did need cleaned, but for other reasons.  The tank was backed up due to a clogged inlet baffle.  And this advice could save you money in a case of a backup.

Just a reminder, this video is not an inspection.  A true inspection will involve sludge and scum measurements, second compartment (if applicable) inspection, and outlet baffle inspection.

Once unclogged, contact your local approved septic inspection contractor for an inspection.

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  1. What causes these clogs at the inlet baffle? We had an inspection and pump about 8 months ago and supposedly it was all fine. Now for the last couple of months I have had to remove clogs like in the video every couple of weeks?

    1. Your scum layer maybe becoming too thick, not allowing the bottom of the baffle to drain correctly. If your scum layer is within 3 inches of the bottom of the inlet baffle, it can cause clogging and your septic tank needs cleaned.

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