Septic Rates 
Inspection Only (Service Call): This is where we inspect, or respond to service call, for your septic system for the County Health Department inspection program and Real Estate Transactions. Open up the lids on your tank and take measurements and record them. We’ll also let you now how everything is doing. This does not include pumping or repairs of any kind. This does not include locate services, in case where the homeowner forgot where their septic tank is located. Skamania and Cowlitz county mileage rates may apply.

Clark County Skamania County Cowlitz County
$150.00 $175.00 $175.00

(Note) If you want to save the Inspection Fee, you can simply order a pumping service. At that point your Inspection will be FREE, but you must have the tank exposed or know the exact location of the tank, and have no more then 12 inches of dirt on top of it or you could have labor charges.

If an inspection leads to a septic pumping, we’ll schedule the vacuum truck to come out and pump it on another visit. Inspection fee will be reduced by $35 and will be applied to the price of the pumping charts below.

Clark County 52 cents per gallon*

' Sales tax Total
<750 Gallons $390.00 $32.76 $422.76
1000 Gallons $520.00 $43.68 $563.68
1250 Gallons $650.00 $54.60 $704.60
1500 Gallons $780.00 $65.52 $845.52

Cowlitz and Skamania Counties Prices are 60 cents per gallon*

Now both counties are huge, bigger than most think, so please understand there could be additional trip surcharge for those that live way past, the-middle-of-no-where.

Cowlitz/Skamania 60 cents per gallon*

County Fee Tax Total
1000 Gallons $530.00 $70.00 $50.40 $650.40
1250 Gallons $662.50 $87.50 $63.00 $813.00
1500 Gallons $795.00 $105.00 $75.60 $975.60
FORMS OF PAYMENT: Currently we accept all major credit cards. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card. There are NO additional fees for using a credit card. We also accept cash and checks.
Weekend/After Hours fee: We charge $150.00 in Clark County and $175 in Cowlitz and Skamania County additional.

Senior and Veteran Discounts are $10.00 off inspections, pumpings, and repairs.

*If garbage is found in a septic tank there could be an additional 15 cents per gallon additional charge plus labor. Garbage is anything found the septic tank that is not the three “P’s”. Poop, Pee, and toilet Paper.