Price Increase:

Hello Everyone who subscribes to my blog:

Again, thanks for reading.  For my customer’s out there, there has been a price increase effective 3/15/2011.

We are always concerned about the cost of having septic work done.  The cost of fuel has risen 50 cents in the past 3 months.  That increases our fuel bill up about 2500 per month.  We are unable to continue absorbing that cost, as fuel is projecting to keep going up all summer.

This is one factor completely out of our control.  I wish I could control the cost of fuel, but cannot.

Also note that I don’t like fuel surcharges.  I really really don’t want to blindside my customer’s with that at the end of the bill.  Some competitors may tell you per gallon cost on the phone, but never state that there is a fuel surcharge.  A surprise add-on.  I don’t like that.

Please check our new prices on our page .  We went up one penny per gallon, and inspections are $50.00 on the pumping.

I know that this will be an adjustment on our customer’s part as this increase has raised our prices on average $12.50.  I pray fuel will go down to a reasonable level, but I know non of us will be holding our breath.

Thanks a million, and God Bless,


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