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I cannot stress this enough.  It’s always amazing to me that someone will complain about our economy, and then send their hard earned money overseas.   There are so many people here out of work, and are willing to work.  And

Made in America
Septic tank riser lid made in America

yes, buying American Made parts and supplies is more expensive.  First Call Septic has taken a stand many years ago.  We’ll do our absolute best to find parts made here.  From the pumps we use, to the risers we install, to the lids that cover septic tanks.

Now I know it’s hard.  It’s tough when one has to decide.  $55.00 for a riser lid.  Or $35.00 nearly the same lid made in china.  But truth of the matter is, it’s more expensive to manufacture parts in this country.   Now, I won’t install a lid made in another country.  Nothing against those other countries, but our country is having a difficult problem.  With all those unemployed right now, I have to bet there are people willing to make lids, pumps, switches right here.

Even the boots my employee and I wear are manufactured here.  Yes we could have saved some money and went to a major outlet store chain that has boots made in another country for about $45.00.  But I have a pair of Red Wing Boots, manufactured in Minnesota.  I have to buy a new pair about every two years.  They get resoled about every year. And that’s about a $400.00 investment every 2 years.   There are shoe salesman, shoe manufacturer, supervisors, store owners, and everyone involved in those boots are able to go home and eat cause we made a commitment to purchase here.

I also purchased a Mack Truck about 4 years ago.  Keep in mind I could have purchased a Hino truck.  They are more fuel efficient.  They are about just as reliable.  But I have to believe that there is a family out there, that can go home and eat dinner tonight because We chose to buy an American made truck.  We also only install American Made parts, when ever we can.  We are still working on trying to find switches manufactured here.

The pumps we use are manufactured in New Jersey and Texas.  They are solid cast iron pumps and are the pumps your grandparents installed and never had problems for over 2o years.  You never heard of Grandpa or Grandma having septic tank pump issues.  But now installers have started using plastic pumps manufactured over seas and they get hot and warp and in some cases only last about 5 years.  They alarms are going off sewage is backing up.  Then the homeowner calls a septic provider.  If they call me, they get one of these great cast iron pumps.  If they call another provider who is a bit cheaper, they get a plastic one.  So I have to ask, How expensive is cheaper parts?  A great pump is going to run anywhere from $300.00 to $600.00 depending on the pump needs.  A cheap pump is less than a $100.00.  But a cheap pump needs replaced on average every 4-5 years.  And that cheaper pumps money is going over seas.

So please, before I can apologize for our prices, know that when you use First Call Septic, we have done everything we can to keep America Rolling.  Insist on American Made products and goods.  Please.  For the love of our country and our fellow countrymen.

Most people don’t realize and I hope that they get one thing from all of this.  You the people can vote everyday.  Everytime you spend a dollar, anywhere, you are voting.  Purchase products made here, and from companies that share the same values as you do.   If you spend your money in other countries, or with companies that don’t share your values, you are giving them power.

Okay, I don’t mean to ramble, but our country is in such bad shape.  And it makes me sad to see why some people just don’t get it.   I could buy parts made in another country, buy trucks made in another country.  That would bring our prices down for sure.  But then we’d be supporting another country and not our own.

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