Homeowner attempt own septic repair. Ends up discharging sewage onto neighbor’s property

**Warning** Those with weak constitutions should not watch this video. I am pretty sure one can smell it through their smart phones or monitors. 🙂

Homeowner has their septic system backup. Toilets stopped working. So they did what a lot of do-it-yourself do. The do whatever it takes to get them working again.

Now the toilets do work again. But they ended up discharging their sewage to their neighbors property. One can understand why the neighbor is upset. I sure would be. Neighbor tried to give the homeowner time to get the system fixed properly, but they soon learned, that this was the fix.

Long story short, neighbor called the county. We arrived to see this and document the complaint. Good news is a new septic system will be installed really soon.

The lesson here is that there should never be surfacing sewage out of any septic system component. If there is, call your local certified septic company and get quotes on what it could take to fix. This one will be expensive, there’s no way around that one, but sometimes, it can be as simple as a clog or broken pipe.

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