Groundwater intrusion by heavy rains and high groundwater solved


This homeowner did not want to divert water by digging rain drains and ditches. Super nice yard, didn’t want dug up.

One option is to trench the water to off of the tanks and direct water downhill.  Frenchdrains work great for this too.  But in this case, the homeowner’s yard would have been destroyed to his house as that’s where the raindrains are, down hill.

So we chose another alternative means to divert groundwater and rainwater off of his septic tank.

This is another option, put in a dry well to a pump. This is a rough backfill, because the area is super soppy. It will need cleaned up better when dryer weather is back.

This system just sits plugged in and waiting. Costs nothing to run when water levels are low. But when water levels come up and it starts raining hard, the pump will kick on and send the water away from the septic.



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  1. This is an awesome video. It has great information. I honestly didn’t know you could use a french drain to keep water from covering your septic tank (They are not fun to clean out, I had to clean out my neighbor ladies for a while) I was not aware they were not waterproof on the outside due to the weight and seal of the lid. This would also be very helpful if you lived in a low lying area where water would puddle easily. I enjoyed the video.

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