Great People

It’s not everyday, where a septic guys has a great day doing what he’s doing.

However, today started out normal. Septic Tank inspections for homeowners. Then a backup call. I dropped my schedule to help a nice lady and her daughter in Woodland.

I was treated so super nice from the two of them today, I feel compelled to share.

The septic tank was 4 feet deep. Man, I have to say my heart drops when I see that. I hate digging. Really hate it when it’s raining and everything is slimy with mud.

They gave me an endless supply of hot coffee today, and made me lunch.

Their septic tank was simply too full and caused a backup. Nothing too exciting. Pumped out the tank, wasn’t pumped in over 20 years. It was super solid, but with my crust buster, I got it out in about an hour. Whew. They invited me into their home. I washed my boots of course. We talked for a bit as we wrote up the bill.

The bill was exactly what they were expecting. I have no “work-in” costs. I think they were a bit surprised. But that’s my upfront price policy. If I tell you that price on the phone, that’s what I’ll do it for.

I enjoyed a super delicious sandwich on the drive back home. Needless to say after digging 4 feet down, I was done for the day. I was soaked and super muddy.

They even gave me a towel to put in my truck as to not get my seat dirty.

I am so proud to say this, “I have the best customer’s out there, Thank you”

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