Exciting Times, Servicing Race Car Driver’s place:

Okay, I already know what you’re thinking.  How can a septic inspector/pumper have a great time doing what he does, let alone exciting?  Well, here it is.  Today my repeat customer for over 4 yrs now, called me for a service.

Okay, what’s so exciting about that.  Well, he’s the driver of the Subaru Rally Race team.  His daughter is the co-driver.  I look forward to our service every year.  He shows me around the shop and I get to see his cars.  His daughter, co-driver, explained to me her position and why it was important.  These cars are doing over 65 miles per hour on these dirt roads, probably wouldn’t do over 20 in my car, and if there’s a turn up ahead, she has to give her father instructions.  Example 95 degree turn in .3 miles.  stuff like that.  How exciting.

And seeing these race cars.  Makes any guy wanna start up racing.  But the funny thing is, all our money goes into our semi-truck.  Not kidding, it’s super expensive to own one of these.  3 miles per gallon, $6,000.00 in tires every year.  Whew, with the money I spend in my truck I could run a racing team.  Not saying anyone could race.  But I think I might be able to, with the proper training.

Anyways, this family will be one I remember forever.  I look forward to seeing them, and this year, they’ve offered me to take one family member for a up-close view of the shop and race cars this July.  I just have to say, I can’t wait.  How Exciting!

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