Diaper wipes in a Septic Tank

I know I am beating a dead horse on this topic, but I seem to be getting this problem almost daily now.  It’s as if I have taken out an add somewhere and stated, “If you use diaper wipes, Call me.”  But today’s job was completely out of hand.  I spent 4 hours pumping on a tank, and burned out another clutch on my tool.  I spent last week at a lift station in vancouver, where a lift pump went out.  This was city sewer but; nonetheless, the call out the big dogs.  aka my septic truck.  Diaper wipes completely froze up the blades and burned up the pump.

Actually, on the other hand.  I guess I should rethink this.  Maybe I should add the diaper wipe companies to my christmas card list, as they are sending me so much work.

In all actuality, it’s expensive for the homeowner.  It will cost you a lot of money, no matter what the packaging says.  It states, “flushable.”  That is true, the diaper wipes will make it to your tank just fine.  They also state, “biodegradable.”  This is also true.  It will break down in 99 years or less.  But that’s the major problem.  8 years in and system blows up into your bathtub, or worse.

If you have been using them, get them out.  Before they make it to your pumps or drainfield.  It will be very expensive to repair.

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  1. We have septic tank in the house and I really impose to my family members that dropping any garbage in sinks and in toilet will eventually went to our septic tank and will cost us a lot.

  2. …”I received the cheque and now offer my thanks. Though not very large, it is still, at my age, a worthwhile amount… Thanks again to you and your staff for picking this up….”

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