Credit, where credit is due:

Hello everyone who visits our site:

Everyone knows that I work hard, and work long hours.  However, I have to give credit where credit is due.  I may be out in the field, face-to-face with my customers.  All the while, my wife is at the office, aka home, performing odd tasks.

Now, asbuilts and property locations, septic locations, site plans, and permits don’t just magically show up on my cell phone.  She answers my every call.   In the field, if I am lost, a quick call to my wife and she logs into the health department, and looks for the septic asbuilts.  It’s kinda hard sometime to locate a septic system, or perform a septic inspection, when everything is under ground.  She finds it, and them sends it to my cell phone.  This technology does cost money to run, but it’s worth it, if I can locate the entire septic system in a timely manner.

She is also answering the business line.  Sometimes when I am performing routine maintenance, we get a septic alarm call.   That could be an audible alarm, or simply sewage is backing up into the bathtub, or sewage backing up into the toilet.  Now that’s really gross.

Our policy has always been to reschedule the routine maintenance jobs.  And it’s a real inconvenience to our customers.  I know, but if they were backing up, they’d want me to reschedule for them.  And since I have the best customer’s in the northwest, they understand this need.

Now you’re getting a glimpse of what my wife is doing “behind-the-scenes.”  Please know this, she is the wind-beneath-my-wings, and I would not be as efficient without her.

Now what’s really funny, is she never logs onto the website and reads what I write.  She doesn’t have the time.  She also has two little boys to take care of too.  Man is her plate full.  Never ending.

This is the Credit, where credit is due.

Thanks for reading,


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