Competitor’s Riser Job

A septic owner called us to see if there was anything we could do to fix this riser installation our competitor performed.   This owner was tired of having the riser stick up out of the deck, and was tripping over it.  The other two

Competitor's Septic Riser Installation
Competitor's Septic Riser Installation

risers were all tilted and not vertical.  I just had to take pictures.  See these risers are able to be cut at any length.  We cut them to grade and replaced the wooden deck with a wooden deck hatch.  I am sorry that we didn’t take a picture of the completed product.  This septic owner was using the least expensive installer as they thought we were all the same, “The only difference between all of us contractors must be price?”  That was the furthest from the truth.  She spent her hard earned money to have these installed, and then for me to take them out.  Cut them to appropriate length.  Reinstall properly.

Also need to note.  The risers were adhered to the septic tank with “Foam Sealant.”  We all know the stuff.   It is not for septic systems.  There is a potential for it to swell up and make passages for ground water to get into the tank.  Concrete to Plastic requires us to use epoxy designed for these unlike materials.   We also use clay sealants to guarantee a water tight, and air tight seal.  Nothing ruins a barbecue quicker than septic odors.

So before hiring your next contractor, keep in mind how much it may cost to have it redone right.  Keep these things in mind.  Also, ask your neighbors, and check the better business bureau and your local health dept for complaints.  As of today, First Call Septic still has zero complaints with both.


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