Broken Outlet Baffle

Septic tank outlet baffle repaired.

Septic Tank Location

Hello everyone, I don’t think I should have to say this, but you should know the exact location of your septic tanks.  This homeowner didn’t know where it was until his car fell into it.   This will be expensive to repair.  I am sorry for anyone this happens to.  It is so inexpensive to… Continue reading Septic Tank Location

House on top of septic tank

House on top of fiberglass septic tank, or plastic septic tank, collapsing and house falling into tank. This is a real estate transaction.

Aquaworxs Septic Control Panels

Septic timed controller. Controlling effluent discharge to a media filter of some sort, and/or drainfield.

Complicated Septic System:

Okay, Today, I got a call from a nice lady confused of why she needed a septic inspection when it was only a year old.  I can totally understand the why.  She paid over 15,000 dollars for this septic system, why does it need inspected all ready.  She stated that it was a basic septic… Continue reading Complicated Septic System:

Credit, where credit is due:

Hello everyone who visits our site: Everyone knows that I work hard, and work long hours.  However, I have to give credit where credit is due.  I may be out in the field, face-to-face with my customers.  All the while, my wife is at the office, aka home, performing odd tasks. Now, asbuilts and property… Continue reading Credit, where credit is due:

Exciting Times, Servicing Race Car Driver’s place:

Okay, I already know what you’re thinking.  How can a septic inspector/pumper have a great time doing what he does, let alone exciting?  Well, here it is.  Today my repeat customer for over 4 yrs now, called me for a service. Okay, what’s so exciting about that.  Well, he’s the driver of the Subaru Rally… Continue reading Exciting Times, Servicing Race Car Driver’s place:

Great People

It’s not everyday, where a septic guys has a great day doing what he’s doing. However, today started out normal. Septic Tank inspections for homeowners. Then a backup call. I dropped my schedule to help a nice lady and her daughter in Woodland. I was treated so super nice from the two of them today,… Continue reading Great People

Washington Onsite Sewage Assocation Conference

Well, Saturday ended our two day conference and training. It was well worth it, I continue to pick up new information every year. We did have one homeowner show up for the conference. I am always amazed at homeowner turnout. 500+ septic engineers, designers, inspectors, pumpers, installers. And 1 homeowner. His name was John, very… Continue reading Washington Onsite Sewage Assocation Conference

Perfect Example

Okay, Today was a perfect example of why we need septic inspections. Here’s the senario. House is for sale, there are agents representing both buyer and seller. Buyer wants to be sure that the house is in good shape and orders a house inspection, and septic inspection. House is in great shape, and seller is… Continue reading Perfect Example

Real Estate Transactions

For the most part, all the real-estate agents I have worked with to this date. Hard working, honest, and ethical. Today I have met a real estate agent that wants me to sign off that everything is okay, even though it isn’t. Today a real estate agent is acting unethical. Here’s the scenario. I was… Continue reading Real Estate Transactions

Septic Special

Attn: We are taking off an additional 3% off all labor in April of 2010.  This 3% can be combined with the Senior discount and the Veteran Discounts. I can never say this enough, thank you veterans. Ronnie