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Someone just asked me a question via my email engine in the upper right hand corner of my website.  Please remember that your email is optional, I truly understand why you wouldn’t want to give it out.  But remember, if you send me a question with no way to respond, I have to put it here, and then hope you are checking my website occasionally.

I promise.  I am a super small company.  I don’t make any money 0n email address, nor do I even know how.  Your info is confidential with me.


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From: Me

Hi, Im looking to buy a home in Arial, Wa.  An inspector told our realtor that the septic was placed impropperly and needs to be replaced.  So all that needs to be done is taken out and new one in…If it’s average size tank, how much would that cost?




Of course, I tried to reply to me, but it will bounce as that isn’t an email address.


Now I have done many septic tank inspections in the arial, wa area.  There is one that comes to mind, and I truly hope you didn’t purchase this home.  There is one tank up there that the house was built on, and the foundation poured over the top.  Please tell us you didn’t buy that nightmare.  If you want to send me the inspection report via email, I would not charge you for it.

So to answer your question, there is no way of knowing until one of us septic contractors show’s up onsite and assesses the situation.  It could be as low as $4,000.00 and on up.  It all depends, plus you should always get multiple bids.  And be present, and make sure you have a crystal clear understanding of what’s going on.


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