Able to revive a believed septic system failure

Yesterday, Christopher Gross and I spent 6 hours on one job. Yikes. Now the good news. My competitor wrote it up as a complete system failure. BTW, my competitor installs septic systems. Slight conflict of interest. I was called for a second opinion. Now the system was busted up, hence 6 hour repair. 1 hour was me spent inside the septic tank patching it. Good times, btw, but at least I was out of the rain. ha ha. So back to the good news. My competitor quoted $20,000.00 to replace the system. That’s no joke, and I wish I could prove it. Homeowner called us, and we ran a plethora of tests. I determined that the system was not failed, that I, in fact, could fix it. I put in an estimate of $1,400.00 to repair the system. A couple of things came up during the repair, and the final bill was $1550.00. Those items came up during the excavation of the tank, and we cannot see under the ground. ha ha. Anyhow, needless to say. Homeowner is really happy that the repairs were done, and at a fair price. And he should get another 5 to 10 years out of it. Now he just needs to keep it clean. 🙂


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