2012 Septic Pumping and Inspection Price Decrease

Great news.  Clark County Health Department has dropped a couple of fees that we have had to pass on to our customers.  First is the tipping fees.  This may sound funny, but they used to charge us a “tip fee” for every tank we pumped.  That has now dropped.

The second fee was the Filing Fee.  That has also been eliminated.  This is in an ongoing effort to be able to offer affordable pumping and septic services in Clark County.  This applies only to Clark County as well.  Skamania and Cowlitz Counties are still charging us that “tipping fee.”

Now, I am still unsure what a “tipping fee” is, so please don’t ask.   For every tank we pump the county wants so much per gallon of sewage.   That is not discharge fees, which is a completely different fee from the waste water treatment plant.  I never did understand that tipping fee, but if we didn’t pay it, then we got our licenses pulled.  So we did.

Please visit our pricing page to see the most current list of our pricing.


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